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Beer is a big part of what we do.  Here is what we have to offer!
Beer- Our philosophy

We pride ourselves on our passion for bringing you a wide selection of craft beers of all different types and styles.  We work tirelessly with our purveyors to provide the very best of what the craft beer world has to offer.  We believe that beer can be an important aspect of the food experience, and that different types of food benefit from different styles of beer.

From IPAs, APAs, Stouts, and Porters to Sours, Barrel Aged, Infused, Ciders, and Pilsners . . . you are certain to find the right beer for your palate, your meal, and your soul.
° Indicates beer in a can

Why canned?
Canned beer better preserves the freshness of the product.  The can eliminates all infiltration of light and air and prevents loss of CO2.  Additionally, the cost of a can is lower for the brewer and the environment.  *We recycle aluminum*
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