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Call for take-out!  440-964-2273
Please call ahead
Curbside | cash, no change or card by phone (please have card and ID available)
Patio pick up window | cash or swipe charge
Volumetric measurement, not certified weight

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Bulk Ordering

Advance notice is always appreciated and is completely necessary to assure availability

Pulled Pork  $15/#

Chicken Thigh  $14/#

Beef Brisket  $19/#

Smoked Wings  $22/25 piece

St. Louis Ribs  $22/rack

Chili  $20/quart

Brunswick Stew  $20/quart

Sides  $7/pint or $12/quart

BBQ Sauces  $6/pint

Cornbread  $30/tray (48 pieces)

Garden Salad  $25/tray

Brioche Rolls  $10/12 pack

Pecan Pie $35*

Shoefly Pie $28*

Cocoa-Lime Pie  $28*

*Requires a mimimum of
one week notice
Kids Dinner Plates
Includes a side

​Kid's Pulled Pork - $6.99
Kid's Chicken Thigh - $6.99
Kid's Beef Brisket - $7.99
Kid's Two Bone Rib  - $7.99
Kid's Wing Dinner - $6.99
Kid's Chili-Mac Dinner - $6.99

We offer daily, weekly, and monthly specials.
When you call, please ask your server what we're offering today!

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