The end of summer, the beginning of next year's dream : A look into our lives
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The end of summer, the beginning of next year's dream

by Nate Rockwell on 09/20/18

The busy season is waning, and we are beginning to lay the plans for 2019.  It never ceases to amaze me how very quickly the shift from "doing everything in our power just to make it through the day" to "we better hurry up and figure out where we are going!" happens.

As we start to look to next year, it is with the enthusiastic support of the Entrepreneurship students of Edgewood High School.  We are excited to have their young, creative minds helping us reallocate a large portion of the 2019 marketing budget to the goal of "Improving the Guest Experience."

As a way of telling them, "Thank you" Briquettes Smokehouse is happy to announce that we will be working with the New Entrepreneur's Opportunity Fund (NEO Fund) and creating a scholarship program to support youth entrepreneurship.  Any graduate of the Edgewood Entrepreneurship class with a 'B' or higher grade will be able to attend the NEO Fund's "Go Biz Grow" classes free of charge.  Any student who completes "Go Biz Grow" and writes a business plan that receives approval for funding will receive $1000.00 in seed money from Briquettes Smokehouse to help with their start-up costs.

We here at Briquettes Smokehouse believe that entrepreneurship and small business are the cornerstones of any community.  It is with great pleasure that we are able to work with a local high school to make this opportunity for both the students and the community, more accessible.


Comments (2)

1. Laura E Jones said on 10/3/18 - 08:11PM
This is Awesome. Reading this, I am beyond overjoyed and thrilled to see what started as a seed of a plan grow into something so inspirational three years later, surpassing our hopes in terms of outcomes- for the Schools and communities to make this their own, for local leaders in entrepreneurship to mentor the students, and for the excitement of a new way of learning to inspire future career success and spark these students to think outside the box, and develop and hone skills they can use in any path they choose to follow. Thank you for taking the next step in this process. THIS is how Change begins! We mapped out a three year plan for this project, and it blew away all of our predictions- ALL due to EVERYONE that took part- admin, teachers, mentors, funders, parents, students. AWESOME. This is an incredible story and case study on how an idea comes full circle... and it all started while gazing out the window, staring out onto Bridge street while at the Harbor Perk. Thank you Nate.
2. Nate Rockwell said on 10/4/18 - 11:27AM
Thanks so much for this awesome feedback and additional history, Laura! It is wonderful to know that we are beginning to break the mold of what is important in education and seeing the horizon of what is possible. I am personally very grateful to know that there are many others who feel the same.

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