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Shane Styzej

General Manager

Started working at Briquettes 10 years ago, just to have a job with flexible hours while I was in College. I was working on an associate degree for Radiologic Technology. I was hired as a dishwasher, but of course that is not what the Restaurant Gods had decided for me. The first week working there, I sliced my hand open with a piece of broken glass. That day forward I was moved to out front and out of place. Being
a kitchen guy (only having two years’ experience as a dishwasher/cook somewhere else) placed in front of people, taking tables. Fast-forward 2 years, we were in the process of moving to a bigger location across the street and I was about to graduate with my degree, I was offered a more permanent position with the company with possibility of ownership, I
accepted. Fast-forward 2 more years moving again to our permanent location, I was finally able to secure enough money to buy in before my 5-year anniversary. I love this job; I love the people I work with and the customers I interact with. I have made many lifelong friends working with this company. It has been the best-worst decision (being a restaurant owner) of my life.